Course Description + Learning Objectives


Course Description & Learning Objectives:

In this course you will be required to respond to any one of a broad range of issues on space and interaction. The topics include a range from historical to contemporary and are selected for their immediate relevance in society and culture. These topics include, but are not limited to, spatial perception and interaction, media architecture and space, digital placemaking, cinematic spaces, embedded technologies, performance and installation art, land art, public art, virtual spaces, immersive, augmented and altered spaces.

During this current time when we are collectively experiencing radical changes and challenges to our sense of space, connection and communication with other human beings in our everyday spaces, what kinds of creative responses can be developed during this course in response to this new reality? As such, this semester, you will be developing TWO projects (one analogue, one digital)  that respond to the theme:  SPACES for CONNECTION, COMMUNICATION & INTIMACY.  

You will work individually and in groups combining studio practice, research and analysis to develop skills and knowledge about creating spatial interactions using analogue and digital media. You will be required to research specific topics – to analyse and scrutinise from differing points of view so as to understand the context of the issue. Based on your research, you will form a strategy to further your exploration. This will take several routes, depending on the topic and the nature of your response. You will be required to acquire any necessary skills and knowledge in order to continue your investigation, as you work towards a response. Finally, you will present your response, describing your analysis, strategy, design process, and your proposed solution.

Class structure will vary and is in large part determined by the nature of the topic and the nature of the design response. Some maturity and the ability to work independently is expected in this course.