Examples of Projection Mapping


From clever DIY, through art installations, to commercial mega-projects

Adrien M & Claire B (Adrien Mondot & Claire Bardainn)
AntiVJ (S. Geilfus, Y. Jacquet, J. Lemercier, O.Ratsi, R. Tardy & T. Vaquie)
Bot & Dolly – 2013 – Box (Robotically Controlled Projection Mapping With Moving Camera)
Centre for Numeric and Corporal Expression (CENC)
Joanie Lemercier (formerly with AntiVJ)
Marshmallow Laser Feast (Vimeo)
Moment Factory
Nobumichi Asai
Pablo Valbuena
Paul Lacroix
Refik Anadol
Sila Sveta & Anna Abalikhina – 2016 – Levitation
The Theory – 2012 – Speed of Light
UFO Media Lab (Vimeo)
Yannick Jacquet (AntiVJ)