Grading + Assessment


Students will be assessed based on the following criteria: critical and interdisciplinary thinking; participation in class and discussion/activities and collaborative sharing/learning; ability to convey project clarity both visually and in writing; thoughtful originality; depth of research; self-driven learning.

Class assignments

The base structure for assignments is two major assessment points (40% total):
1. Mid-semester presentation – Project 1 Analogue Interactive Space (20%)
2. Final Project Presentation and hand-in – Project 2 Digital Interactive Space (20%)

Class activities, selected readings and responses, discussions and critique will contribute towards continuous assessment.

40% readings, exercises and assignments:
– Responses to Reading (20%)
– Class presentations (20%)

20% class participation

Students are expected to produce the following during the course:

  1. Responses to ALL assigned readings (minimum one paragraph to be posted on OSS no later than midnight Tuesday before the next class). Note that late postings will not receive full points.
  2. A group presentation of one of the assigned readings in which each group will do a detailed analysis of the reading including further research.  These will be presented in class.
  3. An original project for a midterm and final project. Project conceptualization, research, process and development will be turned in as part of the documentation and presented as part of the final.