Week 3 Assignment

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Take the words you used described when prompted by question “What is the feeling you associate with HOME?” and create a SKETCH of how you might visualise this sensibility.  How has this changed due to Covid-19?

POST your sketch and describe your concept on OSS and we’ll review them in class next week.

2. VISIT + DOCUMENT + REFLECT on the Singapore Heritage Light Up Singapore event.
Until August 30, 7:30pm-12am daily (FREE)
This year, as part of SG 55, architectural landmarks were “lit up” to commemorate National Day.  Such culture and heritage initiatives are just one way in which our public spaces and monuments are refashioned using technology.  These events are curated to convey certain meanings and to make us consider our public spaces differently.- What is it that is being communicated?
– What might the “curators” have to consider to plan such a transformation?
– What alternate ways could YOU imagine transforming these sites to communicate something unique or unknown about Singapore culture?

3. View (Extra Credit):
BLAST THEORY TALK, June 23, 2020 Talk at ArtScience Museum (1 hour, 15 min):


UK-based Blast Theory creates interactive art that reveals the interconnectedness of cultural, scientific, and political issues. Catch the limited screening of Blast Theory’s Spit Spreads Death: The Parade (2019) and join founders Matt Adams and Nick Tandavanitj who will discuss how this interactive parade of light and sound commemorated a ‘superspreader’ event in Philadelphia during the early days of the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918. As part of the parade hundreds of participants honoured the many victims of the virus by walking with the death certificates of individuals who had died, accompanied by a moving score from composer David Lang. For this artist talk, Matt and Nick will also reflect on their research undertaken as part of a residency with World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018 where the artists were embedded within the team which monitors epidemics and pandemics across the world. The resulting interactive installation piece, A Cluster Of 17 Cases (2018) examined in detail one of the early sites of transmission of the SARS epidemic – the Metropole Hotel in Hong Kong – and maps the movements of people and pathogens, as part of the epidemiological studies that followed. Click here to watch the film: https://www.blasttheory.co.uk/projects/spit-spreads-death/


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