Week 4: Guest Speaker Elliot Woods (Online Class)

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9:30am GUEST LECTURE (online class):


Meeting ID: 927 5785 7559
Passcode: 12345

Elliot Woods of the Seoul based media art studio Kimchi and Chips

Title of Talk: Images that change the way we see

Art helps us to design the way in which we process what we see, it can affect the neurological computation going on inside our eyes and the rational prioritization which happens inside our brains.
When we design our environment, we believe that our experience of our surroundings is a function of what is physically built, but we must also admit that it is a function of how our minds are conditioned to experience these surroundings. Elliot will discuss some examples of works he has designed at Studio Kimchi and Chips to alter the way we tell the difference between images and reality, and the way in which we develop our individual world view.

KIMCHI and CHIPS studio is a Seoul based art studio founded in 2009 by Mimi Son (KR) and Elliot Woods (EN). Their practice begins at the recognition that the arts, sciences and philosophy are not distant disciplines which must be bridged, but act as alternative maps onto the same territory, and that employing these maps in tandem allows the territory to be navigated more readily.

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