in Process

a bit of reflection

Thoughts about last Friday’s presentation:

Some of the feedback I received from my presentation last week:

  • Add in more images of my own work
  • Add in examples of Dear Data.
  • Add my own questions at the end of my presentation to facilitate Q&A

Some personal feedback:

  • I didn’t practice talking about my project, so at some parts, I might sound clueless, but I was trying to form sentences in my head. I can’t sound too nervous or anxious.
  • Didn’t know I had so much to say, so I need to work on showing what really needs to be shown.
  • Time to edit down!
  • Practice talking about the work to someone. I can write about it, but I get so tongue-tied while talking about it.

I’m currently working to make my FYP presentation online. Not really a presentation, but something that tells people immediately what I am doing.

What I’m doing for FYP review:

As I will be missing the review, I will be making a prerecorded presentation. Q&A will be done via a live skype session.

What I will do when I’m away:

I have some plans to document my journey there, especially the workshops and what I’ve learned from the artists during the program. In addition to posting here, I will also be doing vlogs. I think these can be a more enticing way of recording my process. I do enjoy making videos with Periscope, so I think I will definitely be doing more┬ávideo documentations when I am in Berlin.

Hope to post my FYP online tomorrow!