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big questions

I did a trial run of my presentation and as I read aloud my thoughts, I find that there are some big questions that might need to be answered about my concept.

  • I need to talk more about the concept. Presentation should consist of 90% concept. 10% on outcome as I’m sure this is subjected to change.
  • I am going to do a “10 things in 10 minutes”, where I will address key concepts in a suitably paced manner.
  • Place more emphasis on the idea of “private vs public” in the context of social media. Blogging is a very early form of social media and I’ve used it as a very public display of my private self. It would be helpful to expand on this thought.
  • Be clear in approaching my project from a critical point of view so that I don’t fall trap to sounding self-indulgent. I’m also trying to do more readings about this to substantiate my work: books by Sherry Turkle.
  • Allow my work to set a stage for a meaningful discussion on our relationship with social media, about reclaiming conversation with ourselves in the digital age, about using it in a meditative, enriching manner to come to terms with our personal struggles.