in Process

Desired outcomes for FYP



After the few weeks of preliminary research and accumulating all sorts of concepts and references, I think I might finally settle down on some big keywords at last. So my plan for this week is to work on my project report, locking down my desired outcomes for the project and making an FYP timeline.

Below is the list of outcomes with a brief description of the project.



This is a remake of the Calendar project made last semester.

  • a massive deconstructed typography project, using content from my blog
  • there will be ten mini books that will make up this project, each book made up of blog entries written in a single year.
  • each book to be a5 size.


  • a paper describing the nature of the project, and some of the writing I made last year about this exploration of archiving.
  • I thought it will be important to include this as it will be helpful to explain my reasons for embarking on such a project.
  • nothing big or fancy, just a booklet.


  • this is a compilation of my visual journals

a picture

  • an illustration inspired by internet art and culture.

the infinity adventure

  • a web venture employing the use of longform storytelling
  • animated .gifs