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FYP Report: Week 3

Going to update my report every other week, so that I can keep track of my progress. I’m just going to sum up each section in short sentences. Here’s week 3’s update:

Title: thisjournalsuitsme.gif
Tagline: self-discovery in the age of the Internet
Description: thisjournalsuitsme.gif examines growth and self-discovery in the age of the Internet, particularly in the period before the advent of social media. The concept of deconstruction and the literary genre bildungsroman comes together to form the framework for this project. The method of ‘remixing’ will be used to explore and manipulate my archive of digital and virtual journals, summing up these data in web and print forms.

1. Introduction

  • Derrida’s deconstruction
  • The bildungsroman
  • The double
  • Archiving and documentation

Using the concept of deconstruction and bildungsroman as the primary framework for my project. The double refers to my artistic identities — writer/illustrator, and also the digital/physical space.

2. Research

  • Remixing
  • Digital archiving
  • Internet art
  • The NetArtizen
  • Longform

Remixing as a retrospective method of working. (Im)possibility of digital archiving. Internet art as a glimpse of Internet evolution and its impact on our culture (specific to my generation). The NetArtizen (Randall Packer). Longform as a storytelling method.

3. Influences/References

  • Holycrap’s Famzines
  • Peter’s Friedl’s Diaries
  • Glitch art
  • David Carson

Holycrap/Friedl’s works as examples of physical documentation/archiving. Glitch aesthetic as a reference to Internet art culture. David Carson for his design process.

4. Proposed Outcomes

  • The objects
  • Blog Rolls
  • The CD
  • Remixing journals
  • Illustration
  • Interactive website

‘Objects’ as a family of outputs, coming together to tell a story. CD/Blog rolls from last semester. Remixed journals – the physical part of documentation. Interactive website made up of coding + Internet inspired artwork.

6. Process

  • Risograph printing

Might work on this part only during next semester or as I am working on the outcomes.

7. Installation

  • The Workspace
  • The Bookshelf

Might work on this part only during next semester or as I am working on the outcomes.