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Idea 1


*update, idea 2.

I’ve opted for a combination of B+D.

With the wall space, I intend to have a print out of my visualisation (of which i am still working on…). I am also going to remake the calendar project I did last year, in a more refined manner, and am thinking of integrating it together with the print out of the visualisation. I will be designing the work with the calendar project in mind. I will be including QR codes in my work as well, to make the work more interactive. An iMac will display the work in virtual, animated form.

*Update for idea 2:

After doing a little research on paper installation, I think I would rather have the physical visualisation as a hanging installation. This makes for a more impactful artwork, and also technically easier to install.

I will be working on a prototype of the updated calendar project, and bringing that in during the next meet.