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acceptance childhood


Worked on some digital illustrations over the past week. These are some visuals to go along with my visualisation, highlighting some significant moments in my digital life.

I started with the floral illustration on ‘acceptance’, which is more of a symbolic piece on what blogging means to me. Throughout the past month of making such a personal work that involves me to sieve through writing I’ve made in weird, difficult periods of my life, I feel that acceptance is something that I’ve been trying to achieve. Accepting others, having others accept me, and accepting myself. I feel that this is a very important realisation, but I might not want to just make one illustration about it. Maybe small drawings that add up to this concept.

I am not sure if I want to be very explicit in expressing the significance of these illustrations. I feel that a lot of meaning is taken away if I say everything clearly and I would also like to give audience space to form their own meaning and experience when they see the work for themselves. That said, for clarity’s sake, I will include a brief essay on the significance of these illustrations in my formal report.

I have also decided to cut down the entries that I am looking at. Realistically, I can’t do them all. So I will be selecting a fraction of entries that I feel are more important.

I have been behind work for a few weeks because I was feeling stuck, but I think that now I have a better idea of how to work things out. Some things to accomplish this week:

– FYP Report (draft)
– Selecting entries
– Visualisation drafts
– Share more updates and reflections