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Mobile Cam Exercise: we r here[now]

Photo 17-3-15 9 40 06 pm Photo 17-3-15 9 40 53 pm Photo 18-3-15 1 09 10 pm Photo 18-3-15 1 09 34 pm


It was rather challenging to work on the mobile cam exercise due to connection issues. Diana and I have tried communicating at two different places: she’s at home and I’m in school. We both decided that we will try this exercise with wifi and not data plan to ensure a more stable connection.

The first screencap is from our communication which lasted for a few minutes before Diana disappeared (second cap). I also experience lag in connection. I was at the ADM cafe area and walking around a lot to test the stability of wifi. It is not too bad, and I hope this works just as well on the day of the symposium!

The next few caps were tested on my data plan on the bus to school. It’s pretty stable, although i must comment that the video quality is much more pixelated on data plan.

  1. It might be that the low quality data adds an interesting element, just as live reports from say Iraq lend authenticity to remoteness and even danger. Issues of bandwidth can be though of as a distraction, or perhaps just part of our everyday communications.

  2. yes, pixelation & dropouts are fine – they will become part of the performance & reinforce the authenticity & sense of realness & real time 🙂