project hyperessay: technical realisation

I think that my project has developed quite a bit since I came up with my concept. Having to reorganise my schedule and work in short notice and rather close to our project deadline also makes me reconsider what I can do for the final broadcast. I’ll first begin by sharing some materials that I currently have with me:


  • Screen¬†recordings, which are made over the course of the semester.
  • Periscope recordings of my workshop here.
  • Video recordings of my thoughts.
  • Video recordings of my workshop.

For my final broadcast, I propose to have a prerecorded video instead. This video will be a montage of the various footage I filmed with the different methods. In addition, I will include a “live” footage of my workshop on Thursday. Class ends at 1pm (8pm Singapore time), and perhaps my “live” stream can come into the class broadcast a little later depending on how I can share the video.

I would definitely include the prerecorded video as I feel that some of the footage I’ve collected over the semester gives a clearer picture of how I work, and I don’t want the footage to go to waste. What I would like the video to communicate as well is also how my work process transits when I leave Singapore on short notice, and I feel this is particularly a key thing about my concept that I would like to highlight: about private vs public, about how documenting the process is, for me, a meditative journey that allows me to collect my thoughts and achieve some inner stability. Having to make sudden adjustments to my own schedule, reorganising the way I work, while trying to settle into a new place are all contributing factors that will affect my process. I feel that experiencing¬†this at this point of the project also helps to express my concept better than ever, in a more genuine way.

Here’s a test video I made of my first day at the workshop.