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Yesterday I wrote down a basic list of statistics that I want to compile for every month. I googled for some WordPress plugins that might help do the trick, although another problem I face is that my blog is hosted free on WordPress, which doesn’t grant me the capability to run open source plugins. So I migrated my site to my own existing server, but I ran into another problem: the number of posts on both the free WordPress site and my own site does not tally.fk01

Above: My hosted site WP admin.

I’ve exported all the necessary files and some of the posts got missing, and not just some… but over a thousand. I would probably give and take a bit, but I think that with over a thousand missing posts would affect the work. (a thousand posts is roughly 3.5 years worth of entries)



And this is my free blog on WordPress.

I downloaded a plugin to install on my site, called Word Stats, it’s a pretty nifty tool, it displays expanded information on your entries. For example, while typing an entry on OSS, you can see the word count at the bottom of the post window. Word Stats would provide character count, length of sentences, average number of words per sentences etc. I think it’s not a complete waste to download the script and not having all my posts on my own site, but I think I can use the script for mass gathering of data, like copy and pasting a month’s worth of entries to see the stats being generated.



For the post frequency per day, I’ve put back the calendar widget on my own site to help me find out.