in Process

A recap on concept and process Week 2-4

Just a recap on the processes and art direction that I was pursuing for the past few weeks. I eventually went with the art direction of Daymare. The idea that daydreaming doesn’t necessarily only lead to a pleasant escape, but a rather contemplative experience that hones on thinking about the unthinkable, the unknown and the dark.

I was propelled to this idea also partly due to my fascination with the themes found in H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu¬†and Junji Ito’s Uzumaki which centers around the fear and the darkness of the unknown. It’s after reading those materials that I often plunge into a state of constant psychological entrapment by the figments created by the stories. It was impossible for my daydreams afterwards to feel pleasant in any way as deep in my consciousness, the brutality of how much we don’t know and the notion of how ignorant we could possibly be simply took over me.


Thus I looked for dark, immersive and brooding images (that was featured in the moodboard).

Eventually I ended up with these images.

Patterns-06 Patterns-05 patt-04 patt-03 patt-02 Patterns-01

Through experimentation with some tools in Illustrator, I managed to cook up some warped and distorted web-like motifs, fragmented circles, and prisms that are somewhat inspired by the Cthulhu’s island in the books.