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Reflection for Museum field trip: The Time of Others


The entire journey to the Singapore Art Museum was an extremely enlightening one. The spectrum of subject matters and potentials that could spring right out of this theme can vary from the physical material realms all the way to the spiritual realms.

One of the works that intrigued me the most was Ringo Bunoan’s Endings and No Endings. The poetic intentions behind the work made me wonder about the depth of time and space that’s created behind every single book. How our brains are able to gobble up all the words and spit out images and create a time and space capsule akin to a cinematic space. Book endings are things we always work hard to get to and are goals we always aim for at the start of each reading. But the lack of events leading up to the reading renders the end point meaningless and in a sense making each ending anonymous and applicable to almost any situation. This lack of progression in reading makes us ponder upon the process of reading and our brain’s ability to process information. The lack of context impacts the ending of the story and how our brains try to decipher the new syntax of reading ending after ending.

After the museum trip, I felt immensely inspired by the peculiarity of each work and how each artist dug into the constructs of the norms and pulled out meanings from there. From here, I realized that I feel like doing something that accentuate on the cultural aspects of our current society and create a form on commentary on time and popular culture at the same time.

It was an enriching trip in the midst of the chaos caused by the massive amount of works being piled up and I certainly did feel rejuvenated in a creative sense from this.