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Research : A Compilation of Audio-Visual That Got Me Started

Here’s a list of videos and subjects that got me started on the project.

I’ve had this obsession with sound from way back and I’m ready to connect back with it once again through this FYP.

Aphex Twins Spectrogram

The Aphex twins Spectrogram is something that I came across when I was crazily invested in rock music back then in 2010. Apart from the crazy huge calculators that I used in school to plot sin graphs, this spectrogram shows me how simple it is to link everything together using math.

Analog Vinyl Sampling

Before people started editing in digital where erasing mistakes are just one button away, people trimmed tapes, films etc. It never occurred to me that people would actually do this on the vinyl. Intrigued me.

It Might Get Loud : Jack White Makes a Guitar

Apart from being extremely cool, the film showed me that all you needed to get a decent analog sound input is a pickup, a string and a body.

Koka Beat Machine no.1 and no.2

These are rulers, springs, and forks, not your common well-polished parts in your classical instruments and yet they work wonders. Makes me think about the possibilities of uncovering sound potentials in the objects around us.