in Primary Research: Visual Development and Prototypes

Sculpture 1: Analog Dominant Electronic Audiovisual Sculpture

To bring out the indispensable relationship between sound and visuals. 

Visual as analog currency for sound

Sound as analog currency for visuals

Jerobeam Fenderson and his Oscilloscope Music

Jerobeam Fenderson Talking About the Concept

The cathode ray oscilloscope shows an exact representation of the waveforms of the sound. Left/right audio channels trigger horizontal/vertical deflection of the cathode ray, whereby corresponding Lissajous figures are visualized. When generating these waveforms, both their aural and visual aspects are considered, to create a coherent audio-visual composition.

In my live shows I partly use samples and structures created beforehand and partly improvise with patches on modular synths and audio programming software. Sometimes I also use different modes of the oscilloscope (trigger, multichannel, storage / afterglow of the phosphorescent screen).


My own research and interpretations

-At the start of the project, I wanted to create a system that emphasizes on the interchangeable relationship between images and sound.

-After some heavy research, I arrived at the conclusion that to pull the pieces of sound and visual together, a narrative talking about the comparison between analog and digital currencies for sound and imagery is rather interesting as well.

-In this case, my discovery, the Oscilloscope Music by Jerobeam Fenderson discovered an alternative use to the Oscilloscope, achieving analog audiovisual synesthesia through the currency of electric waves.


This sculpture will consist of an Oscilloscope and a cassette tape player hooked up to each other. Within the cassette, the sound will be engineered by me through OsciStudio and the output information will be purely sound. Images of the sound will be displayed on the Oscilloscope screen. Content of the images will contain modern day contents such as : News, academic notes , controversial subjects and more.
Some of the testings I’ve gone through