FYP Abstract draft 1 : Analog Future

As we made the transition from analog to digital media, the quantifiable receded to the backdrop and everyday processes became more metaphysical and unknowable than before. This has shaped a new generation of instantly gratified technophiles.

My installation looks at more primitive technologies that first made us challenge and draw clear distinctions between representational sound and imagery and the material world – mechanical television and phonographs. These technologies molded a metaphysical reality within the medium of light and waves, but at the same time, whatever shortcomings and low-fidelity results were much more tolerable and accepted due to the understandings and expectations of the technological limits at the time.

In retrospect, if we didn’t transit into digital format, would we have been content with an analog-assemblage future?

Case Study : Littlebit x Korg Synth Kit

Came across this on ARS Electronica

Besides the interesting presentation by Reggie Watts, what I found interesting about this synthesizer is that it’s quite bare and the modular possibilities feel endless to me. Visually, seeing this mini analog synth put together and played really brought out a certain very experimental and primitive aspect of sound and technology that I want in my work. Of course, I won’t expect my work to look perfectly polished and the visual aspects will be focused on more.