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Unplug for a Day

  Day 1: To say my phone, laptop and tablet are my close companions wouldn’t be a stretch at all. Being an anxious person, I check notifications almost every now and then for updates from group chats. For my tablet, I do sketches for my final year project. At times when I eat alone, I check news feeds to pass… Read more →

Response to Timothy Nohe’s “Interactive Environments & Experience Design.”

    I love how Timothy Nohe structured the presentation differently from the usual ADM studio classes. While he thinks likes a designer for his concept, his focus was more on the idea of making it a feasible affair, which is what Prof Chua from the IEM side would’ve appreciated. His insistence on using an infrared distance sensor as a… Read more →

Future World Reflection

The most memorable installation for me was Black Waves. Going against the norm of trying to impress, it was instead used to calm visitors down after witnessing the exciting Crows Transcending Space. From a technical perspective, it was also interesting trying to figure out how the waves looked realistic yet styled to remind one of Hokusai’s Great Wave. My group… Read more →

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