Design of Everyday Things Chap 1 Reflection

Norman Door example, author unknown l


The main takeaway I got from this chapter was the importance of conceptual models of how something works, and the components that are needed to make up this model. Usually it’s the signifiers not being visible, or a total lack of it. This can be seen in products such as the wireless Parrot Zik headphones, but often have methods of interaction that are hidden to remove clutter. Gestures such as tapping to play and double pressing to stop require some time to get used to. However, it is convenient and easy once learned, but the learning curve to get used to this system exists. This led me to think of eliminating learning curves by referring to basic human gestures for all interactions. But then there’s the concern of performing advanced functions with basic gestures.

1. How much of a learning curve is acceptable until a product becomes unintuitive?

2. How subtle can signifiers be until they become unperceivable?


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