Response to Timothy Nohe’s “Interactive Environments & Experience Design.”


Whitman, C. (n.d.). Electron Drawing – Visual Music by Timothy Nohe. [image].

I love how Timothy Nohe structured the presentation differently from the usual ADM studio classes. While he thinks likes a designer for his concept, his focus was more on the idea of making it a feasible affair, which is what Prof Chua from the IEM side would’ve appreciated. His insistence on using an infrared distance sensor as a control surface was a reminder of how durable our installations have to be to survive a festival. Other examples of this was to test run his installation for 24 hours, and also to have the installation be weather proof.

His other suggestion was to also let other people see what happens when interacting, which was clearly shown when we plugged the cables into different inputs of his synthesizer and saw the lines change on the oscilloscope-like screen. He also stressed that letting visitors see each other while interacting with our work was important, making the installation look inviting and interesting.

His budget breakdown was also another aspect we have to work on for our own projects. His words, “Anticipate the worst thing.”, ring out the clearest here, as he buys 2 sets of the synthesizer he needed.

Lastly, his approach to structuring the proposal was also helpful, writing it like a resume with a more abstract approach, letting the festival organizer have a clear idea about what the project is.

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