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Week 7 Comic Situations

This week was purely sketching practice and imagining issues that would arise with autonomous cars in use, to come up with possible solutions in the future.   First up are sketches of a car interior with a holographic assistant. I gave the assistant simple shapes to make them less intimidating. Below is the interior in a more zoomed out view,… Read more →

Week 5 The Autonomous Future

After a short sighted week, the idea of autonomous cars interested me.   In an article titled Preparing a Nation for Autonomous Cars,¬†http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0965856415000804, Autonomous vehicles are able to provide independence to those who are unable to drive, such as the elderly and young children. They also can lessen the amount of vehicles on the road due to increased usage of… Read more →

Week 4 Looking Towards The Future

This week’s inspiration came from the Internet of Things. As an environmental navigational aid, I looked to streetlights, thinking that they might help navigation for pedestrians. One usage case might be joggers or cyclists, giving them additional eye-level bulbs that light up in succession like an airport runway guiding a jetplane, and also functioning as distance markers to motivate them.… Read more →

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