Week 6 Off Tangent

This week I went off tangent, preparing a timeline of autonomous vehicle implementation, and a survey to gauge public perception of autonomous vehicles.

Predicted Implementation of Autonomous Cars by Carmakers, Chris Tan 2017

In the survey, I wrote down situations that would let the reader interact with an autonomous car. Examples of questions included reacting to sudden roadblocks, trusting your child to the care of an autonomous vehicle, and also watching an autonomous vehicle perform its duty on the road.


I also got the chance to try the autonomous vehicle that was tested by SMRT in NTU. A technician was there in the car and it moved at a maximum speed of 20 km/h so it was semi realistic, however it did provide some clues to how to make the experience better.

Riding the SMRT Test Autonomous Vehicle, Chris Tan 2017

This test ride along with the survey revealed insights such as letting the user perform security verification on their own devices, and also letting the car behave like a chauffeur by providing clear feedback for actions that it performs for pedestrians, passengers and other drivers.


Peer suggested that I immediately start sketching out possible situations that involved interactions with autonomous cars in the forms of comic strips or storyboards. It would let me narrow down the solution better.

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