Week 7 Comic Situations

This week was purely sketching practice and imagining issues that would arise with autonomous cars in use, to come up with possible solutions in the future.


First up are sketches of a car interior with a holographic assistant. I gave the assistant simple shapes to make them less intimidating.

Interiors with Assistants, Chris Tan 2017

Below is the interior in a more zoomed out view, inspired by parametric design.

Parametric Design Inspired Interior


I tried imagining strange situations such as the initial distrust when a reserved passenger rides the car.

Initial Distrust, Chris Tan 2017


I also tried exploring how the car can signal their intent to pedestrians, now that the driver is out of the equation.

Pedestrian Signaling Exploration, Chris Tan 2017


Other less obvious situations I thought of included the absence of any pedestrian signaling.

When you can’t tell from the outside, Chris Tan 2017

And also if it was used to deliver food for colleagues.

Delivery Man and Car, Chris Tan 2017

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