in Project 2: Research and Development

Week 5: Visual Research

Existing Event Promotional Posters 

A study of existing promotional posters designs, rationale and design applications.

Reference Poster Design #01: 

Communicate: In this poster design, it aims to communicate an energetic and fun marathon event. Stating informational details that relates to the event. The picture driven poster also depicts the outcome of the event after participation.

Emotions: Exited | Joy | Anticipation

Reflections: The overall approach on this project looks fun which deviates from the usual marathon events. Enticing its audience to sign up for the event.

Visual Interest: Image driven poster shows a burst of colour pigments, with people raising their arms. Seemingly having fun. The bolded text in white contrasts to the colourful background. While its texture reminds me of the actual event with powder pigment.

Reference Poster Design #02: 

Communicate: Encourages people to walk by foot with the illustration of a shoe. the trail at the bottom shows a series of gifts which reflects the rewards which you would get upon finishing the 10,000 steps. With a good slogan “make every step count”.

Emotions: Excited | Friendly | Attractive

Reflections: The hierarchy in this poster design shows how a well placed illustration and text communicate its message well.  The illustration and text ties together well and provides sufficient information to the audience. The footwear with the street view allows me to better look at the 10,000 steps challenge accomplished though our daily activities (walking down the street).

Visual Interest: The yellow and blue bold choices of colours speaks to its audiences while retaining the ease of reading. The lifted shoe signifies the beginning of a step, driving an action taken by its viewers. Also, the line of action (footpath) guides the eyes to see the subdominant information.

Reference Poster Design #03: 

Communicate: Informative poster on preventive measures of fighting dengue. A call for action.

Emotions: Urgency | Importance | Seriousness

Reflections: The good use of colour really captivates my attention and eyes to flow along the red objects which are the main points of the poster.

Visual Interest: The short and sweet caption (4 words) sends the message across while making it memorable at a glance. Its bold text and contrast against the background allows it to be easily readable from far. Red alert on the main caption and images directs the eyes at what is important within the poster design.

Overall Reflections

All in all, it was interesting to look at how existing poster design have been successfully implemented. Learning from them, I looked at how I could embark on creating my own design. Applying the knowledge of colour, and visual hierarchy.