Week 2 : Project 1 Translating & Exploring

Sketching & Concepts Exploration

Sketches were done up to study the possibilities of the various icons and motifs that could be included in the badge design. Upon seeking feedback, simplification was key to creating a logo that is easy to remember and captivating to the eyes. Most importantly, the line weight was not to be forgotten for the thinner lines may go out of sight when looking from a far.

Exploration Sketches

Initially, I did many thumbnail sketches to generate more ideas as I drew. Having the ideas revolve around Arts, Freedom and Warmth. 

Concept #01 : Freedom & Arts

To express the concept of freedom and arts, I begun looking at simple motifs that represents arts. Motifs like the colour palette and brushes were strong and easily identifiable as an art intention. I took the motif of freedom(dove) and begin simplifying it into lines. Where the curves creates an artist brush. After which, I added a hand holding it up as though showing a sense of pride while wearing the badges. 

Concept #02 : Arts and Warmth

Again, looking at the different possibilities of arts and crafts material, I took the colour palette and transformed it into a colour palette that had splashes of paint radiating out of it. 

Through feedback during the class critique, I was advised to fuse both concepts together to create one final badge design. 

Week 2: Visit To The Chinese Heritage Centre


The visit to the CHC located in NTU was an enriching journey. Gaining insights to the past as I got to learn facts about the school’s history. Something which I might not have discovered on my own.

It was an interesting read as I looked at how the building fund for Nanyang University was raised. A community support of a series of fund raising events led by different groups of people from different backgrounds for the school. It really shows the idea of kampung spirit, where people in the past had very good bond and supported each other whenever they needed to. 

Works displayed were a collection of the past. One which I was fortunate enough to see was the original roof tiles of Nanyang University. I really love how the oriental architectural design related back to the school traditional values of supporting the Chinese community and heritage. It is definitely a piece of gem being preserved till to date. 

Looking at the history of NTU, I really appreciate what the school has evolved into over the years as look forward to the many years to come. This visit was very intriguing and I look forward to the other field trips we have in the other weeks! 

 Photos taken during my trip to CHC Nantah Pictorial Exhibition 

Week 1 : Field Trip & Design Direction

Field Trip & Observations

During the first week of class, we went onto a field trip @ Ng Teng Fong Hospital. We were tasked to create a badge design for the art on-the-move programme @ NTF Hospital. The vest and existing badge designs were shown to us along with a short tour around the place. Introducing the arts around the hospital and how these programmes were being carried out.

Friendly environment in the hospital, different from the cold stereotype with various artworks placed around. Artworks are meant to ease the environment to allow patients to feel relaxed while recuperating. High exposure of arts programme as there is high foot traffic with the neighbouring malls and path connectors, this allows many to be able to appreciate the artworks while walking by.

Aims of the programme 

The aim of this programme was to provide a healing environment for the patients through art. A form of positive distraction or therapy for the patients as they participate in the programme. These programmes are sometimes carried out at their bedside to allow everyone to get a chance in participating as some might find it difficult to move around. The helpful and caring volunteers also encourages the patients as they accomplish beautiful art pieces which they might not feel they could achieve. Allowing them to feel a sense of pride in their works.

Design Direction

  • Pride while wearing the badges
  • Differentiate the volunteers
  • Programme Identity
  • Collectable Series of Badges

Concept & Explanation

Moodboards were created to form the imagery projection of my intended representation. The keywords which I picked were Freedom and Warmth. I chose these words because I felt that these words embodied the overall direction of Arts On The Move.

Moodboard #01 : Freedom

When the programme was being presented to us, I found out that one of the main focus of this programme was freedom. The liberation that patients seek when they are ill. The art on-the-move programme acts as this channel whereby patients are able to be liberated physically and mentally.

** Special Note: The badge also had an intention to allow the volunteers feel proud while wearing the badges. To incorporate the concept of pride, I chose to explore the possibilities of a trophy or torch (similar to the olympics)

Moodboard #02 : Warmth

Next, was the idea of home away from home. Patients stay varies from short to long term. The idea of living in a place away from home could be quite intimidating. Hence, I wanted to develop a concept to represent and portray the caring acts of volunteers. These members of the team carry out the activities and provide a form of support for the patients in need. The relationships developed made me think of the warmth in the environment. 

Small Group Discussion

During the small group discussion in class, I got to observe what others had thought of during the field trip. It was interesting to note that our brainstorming session led to a few main key words. Which became the focus of most of our projects.