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Week 2: Reading Response

Reading response: Hidden In Plain Sight

In this week’s readings, I felt that it was really intriguing to look at how culture is being observed in different context. The section on reading the signs really caught my interest as I agreed with it entirely. Many official signages are placed for the locals or people around it for they are most in contact with the area itself.

For example I have witnessed signages at MRT stations which says “Do Not Lean” and I believe it is a common habit for locals to lean against railings or walls which might have not been safe in certain scenarios. Personally, I do observe locals leaning unconsciously on objects while waiting in line, or just to relax.

It speaks a lot about the comfort level local have in the public. Whereby people behave in a relaxed manner even when there are on lookers. Sometimes, they might not even notice.

On the other hand, I am able to relate to this reading even more when I thought of the time I spent travelling in the states. I do see that some tourists hotspots are covered with major notice signages such as “Do not cross” or “Do not step” onto grassy areas for it might be common that people walk over these grass patches unknowingly for convenience rather than the designated pathway and create disastrous patches that are unsightly. In contradiction to what was mentioned before, these signages are then created for people who populate the area (tourist instead of locals).