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Week 2: Visit To The Chinese Heritage Centre


The visit to the CHC located in NTU was an enriching journey. Gaining insights to the past as I got to learn facts about the school’s history. Something which I might not have discovered on my own.

It was an interesting read as I looked at how the building fund for Nanyang University was raised. A community support of a series of fund raising events led by different groups of people from different backgrounds for the school. It really shows the idea of kampung spirit, where people in the past had very good bond and supported each other whenever they needed to. 

Works displayed were a collection of the past. One which I was fortunate enough to see was the original roof tiles of Nanyang University. I really love how the oriental architectural design related back to the school traditional values of supporting the Chinese community and heritage. It is definitely a piece of gem being preserved till to date. 

Looking at the history of NTU, I really appreciate what the school has evolved into over the years as look forward to the many years to come. This visit was very intriguing and I look forward to the other field trips we have in the other weeks! 

 Photos taken during my trip to CHC Nantah Pictorial Exhibition