in Project 2: Research and Development

Week 6: Design Exploration

Compositional Study #01








In my first digital translation, I tried to play around with placement of the images and text. I struggled to incorporate the text harmoniously with the poster design. I tried to go for an asymmetrical balance as I did not want the poster to seem too static. I also added musical elements with a flow line to enhance the visual appeal. After the discussion in class, I gathered through the feedback that the colours were distracting and the use of certain lines were redundant. The visual hierarchy was not clear with the layout as the smaller and larger icons were not distinctive.

Compositional Study #02







In my second composition studies, I started to develop along the texture of paper cut material to better visualise how the outcome should be. I retain some of the idea such as the pencil mountains as well as the sun while adding more visual elements. The use paper cut concept holds the entire poster together and seemed more together as compared to the previous concept.












Retaining the idea of the sun, I tried to incorporate the idea of a palette in the water or land shapes. Giving a subtle suggestion of the craft aspect. By rotating the river slightly, I could see that the entire poster came together with a line of motion being very organic. I was told during the discussions that there was too much shadow and it made the poster too distracting. Also, I removed the arrow under the letter A as it was distracting and was not required to read the slogan.











After getting feedback from the class, I was told that the visual elements seem to be too little and I had to find a balance of number to place into the poster design. I learnt that while placing the objects around, I had to take note of the visual hierarchy, not over powering the main focus of the poster design. As such, I went with the idea of exploding the art elements from the bottom right to direct the viewer’s eyes to read the text at the bottom.