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G1 Week 6: Initial Sketches and Designs

Initial Sketches

Initially, our team came together to do basic sketches for the mobile application prototype. We wanted to find out the different screens which were projected to be designed. As our discussion goes on, we mapped out the possible issues of basic usability and user experience flow.


 Mobile Application Icons 

The first step of icons which we had developed were a series of illustration done from images. Upon seeking for feedback, some users told us that the illustrations were too detailed for small icons. It was important that we took scale into account as it would be small showing up on the mobile screens. As such, our group discussed to work on icons with fewer details, emphasising on the highlights and shadows.

 Mobile Application Icons #02

As some test users observe, the revised mobile icons are now more recognisable. We made use of colours that are often associated to the cuisines to help users identify the icons quicker. We used lesser visual elements to make sure that it was not too complicated to the eyes.