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G1 Week 7: Colour Palette, Word Map, Body Storming

Main Colour Palette :
To reduce the complexity of reading, yellow text was used on top of the neutral grey background as a form of highlight and method to captivate the attention of its users.

Fig 1. Main Colour Palette
#ffed51   |   #4a4a4a   |   

In this mobile application, it aims to mitigate the crowd we observe around popular eateries/ foodcourts in school. One may navigate around NTU to find alternatives and discover different types of food located all over campus.

Capacity & Vacancy Word Map

The purpose of the word map was to visually show the capacity of the various food locations around school as well as the rough location in the NTU shaped area.  More importantly, our group derived a mechanism to discourage people from visiting over populated canteens. As the canteens fill up in real time, the word opacity would change and disappear as the canteen becomes filled (full). This way, users would not get a chance to see filled canteens and over populate the place.

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The application supports the ability to allow a slider to show different timings of the breakfast, lunch and dinner crowd. At first glance it shows you the map of the timing you are currently belong to.

Localised Map

The mobile application features localised maps to navigate users based on where their GPS pings their location to be. In addition to a location dot, we added a directional arrow to show where users are faced to reflect a directional location dot on the map.

Also, to improve the navigation experience, we added the videos to be played back at every point of turning point so that users get a better sense of where they are headed to visually. Videos are speed up for quick viewing purposes.


Bus Routes (Campus & SBS)
We wanted to provide a good set of information for people taking busses on campus by mapping out all the available busses in a single navigating map. Colours of the various campus busses were coded accordingly. As for the SBS busses, we made use of the orange and red colours of SBS to represent bus routes 179 and 199.

Physical Signages
– uniformity
– logo recognition

Unfamiliarity of the campus buses often led to with the food places around campus, we wanted to encourage

Best of all, it shows you the different routes available all in one app!

Body Storming
During body storming, we found the ideal font size and typeface to use for the appropriate signages. It was important that we tested out our research as reality might differ from the data (researched overseas). As we did the body storming session,