1. Mimosa leaves that opens up when it detects sunlight/heat/rain…
  • light detector? (but not possible if he wants it to be mechanical)
  • if the installation depends on heat, it could depend on contraction and expansion to move. (metal would be a good heat conductor)
  • if the installation depends on rain, it could expand when it absorbs water (opens up) and contract when it eventually dries (closes). (but what kind of material?)

Other inspirations: Mimosa by Jason Bruges

  1. Wind Chimes (Sound – must be very subtle, not loud)
  • Manpowered? When people walk by > weight pressure/interactivity > activates mechanisms > mallet hits metal > sounds
  • Rainpowered? Rain pours > water collects > (1) water mill? > activates mechanisms > sound. (2) japanese bamboo fountain > too heavy > flips some mechs > hits and creates sounds
  • Inspiration: Windchime bridge by Mark Nixon


  1. Pinwheel (no particular function)
  • Makes use of temperature to turn the sculpture
  • Matt black on one side > shiny on another > creates temperature difference > spin. Or just fan blades.
  1.  Manpowered water feature? (not a developed idea..)
  • Makes use of the water being wasted (water coolers or toilet sinks) to achieve an effect.
  • The water is probably collected somewhere to gain enough momentum before giving life to a sculpture (like the japanese bamboo water feature? Since water is the source of life?) eck.. Im not so sure.. OTL  

When it is moving it is smth > not moving it is another thing.


  1. Scintillating tornado…