A nice weekend w my family

sundaychurch028 my nephews and nieces

Siblings and I my siblings and I


sundaychurch035 my siblings (got my bro to act as me)

266712_10150287508445930_6202333_o my siblings and I


So initially we were tasked with replicating our old photos. Which I gladly did because there’s something about memories with the association to my late mom’s photographs that I wanted to attempt. And just because I had the opportunity to do so in the same space with my family.


So these are all shot on FM2 with a 35mm lens. I of course did some alteration. Enjoy.


So we were supposed to look at our old photos and attempted to re-create them. Here are two photos I took with my siblings at church. I loved the space and garden and especially the mango trees growing at the back. For both the photos, I believed it was shot on an automatic film camera. It probably have quite a wide focal length, probably at 24mm or maybe 35mm.


Siblings and I




The shadow looks downcast and minimal, so it might have been taken in the late afternoon, closer to evening with overcast sky. That probably allowed the shadow to be soft.

For the first photo the whites look slightly purplish, I have no idea why. Maybe the greens faded? I don’t know. Explanation anybody?