Hanging Boxes

So I am still figuring out how this is gonna work, so one method is that I tried hanging these boxes I am so hung over about.


As much as I like the way they were hanging, when I attempted to walk into the given space, it was awkward. I didn’t know what to do. Maybe it is because precisely they are just hanging boxes. But given in a hypothetical situation whereby the boxes do whisper, is it far more interesting? Maybe. But this vertical arrangement of engagement is far too inaccessible for the participants to reach out and listen to it. They’d have to climb a chair or a ladder. Is it intriguing enough for them to do so?
More practically speaking, how would I put multiple speakers producing multiple different audios into multiple boxes? What can replace speakers? What does the audio stand for? Many voices depicting the narratives of dream? Why is it important that they tell their dreams? Because those are untold important stories, visuals that you can’t control but is in your head anyway. Moments, ideas that you can’t translate or communicate in reality for some reason, practicality/illogical/ for the fear that people might deem you mad?

How does my installation allow this liberation? Does playing out dream narratives in boxes allow this liberation? In a way it allows people to hear, but then the people who tell their stories are fixed, that’s limiting. If I would to do that, a documentary or a photo series might do a far better job. Hm. So is there a way to allow people to communicate or express freely in my installation – be it dreams, secrets, hopes.

Author: Adar Ng

Consciousness will save humanity.

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