One Hundred and Eight by Nils Volker, 2010


One Hundred and Eight

Nils Volker

2.40 x 1.80 m
fans, plastic bags, MDF, relays,
countless screws and a microcontroller
Summer 2010

For something as cheap and easily available everywhere, this artwork is sick. It make something so simple, beautiful and captivating. However of course, he had the use of relays, MDF and individual air vents for each plastic bags to simulate the “breathing” of the plastic bag. The smartest thing of all is that it is creating patterns.  (click link for the video)


In any case, back to my project, I do not think I am able to simulate this at this scale neither am I attempting to. However, this work allowed me to see how I can use plastic bags as breathing lungs, that an inanimate object can be so interactive and intriguing. From this project, I will start to think of how air can interact with plastic and how I can arrange them in ways that will allow viewers to see it as neat, messy, as clouds?


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