Re-Thinking, re-looking, re-questioning


I thought and I re-thought about my idea about the “dream Box”. As much as I would love to pursue it, I felt that I wasn’t learning or applying the lessons I learnt with regards to space and experience. That I was about to jump the gun to be an “artist” but yet not have my fundamentals sorted out. So I scrap that and went back to the drawing block. I had to start somehow with material, something flowy, something translucent, something that can be found just about anywhere. I thought of a few items initially,



But I decided on plastic bags. there is a potential for sound, capacity, colours that I can explore with. So for now, I see plastic bags (white) as many many clouds, rattling and moving as you pull a string. This engagement is just still a matter of play only. I have more to think about.

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So after researching on the net for a bit, I found other artists that also uses plastic bags in this fantastical style.

It seems like repetition might just be the way to go to emulate and occupy a space.




To be honest, this is out of my comfort. I’ve always created projects I wanted to do, so it was always the idea first. This time around, I’m considering first the material or an object and then with that the environment.

Author: Adar Ng

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