In search of “same same but different”

I have found a pair of toilet in ADM that are almost identical (mirror image of each other).

So my first concern was could I replicate the space of the ladies onto the gents, and the gents onto the ladies? check out the youtube link for my very rough try-out to see if mirroring works. And I think it does. This is just invert girls but normal boys.

Other than that, the internal space of both female and male toilets are actually quite similar except for a few distinct difference for obvious reasons. I found it interesting that the “forbidden place” of the GENTS actually looks similar except for the urinal.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.39.26 am Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.40.21 am


I was worried that someone would walked into me in the toilet videoing. But guessing that the time is too late, I relaxed and it occurred to me that this “worry” I had was taught/ initiated by people/ society. Because space fundamentally is just an area of ground. It holds nothing more.

But yeah, I had fun in the toilet tonight.


I hope my post doesn’t spoil too much fun we will be having in class or experiencing it.
Fun fact: It was actually quite hard to find almost identical toilet in ADM, I think the architect made all the spaces very irregular (even our rooms). Interesting.






I was thinking of the perception of private space. It can be man fencing up a certain area and claiming that it theirs now, that we have names on doors and then the space is mine, that what is actually a neutral public area has turned private. I’ll make an attempt on toilets because it is universal. My inspiration partly derived from the dormitories’ toilets. They basically occupy the same layout on each floor but each floor differs in gender.

I am interested in how the different signs on the door (semiotics of female & male) thus affect what goes on internally despite having the exact same space and/or layout. 

How that suddenly a neutral space becomes limited to only females or males?