Finding Life in Death


Finding Life in Death, 2015

Winnie Lim (Singapore)

This dress is inspired by the seasons Winter and Spring which symbolise life and death, I wanted to show the transition of these two elements on the dress itself. The piece that stretches from the shoulder and around her back emulates branches of a barren tree during winter. The warmth of the human body brings life to the dress, triggering the fabric flowers to bloom, changing their colours from dreary dark shades to vibrant reds and pinks.

The technology that was supposed to be used for this dress was a heat sensor with will detect the temperature of the wearer then the signal will be transferred to the lilypad then heat up the heating pads underneath the black roses will heat up and change to a red and pink and cause the LEDs hidden in the branches to light up, thus giving this dress a life. However the change in temperature is not significant enough for the heat sensor to detect thus a proximity sensor is being used instead to show the change of the dress