2nd Experimental Painting



Directional lines

I would like to create concave directional lines for the composition. I tried to sketch the symmetrical composition but felt that it look too unnatural.



The asymmetrical composition looks more interesting and feels more like a natural scenery.

Mountain, Acrylic on Canvas, 2017

This painting was inspired from my dream. I had a dream where I stood at the top of the mountain feeling powerful, which seems to flow out from within me. The view was beautiful surrounded by snowy mountains.

I used palette knife to create most part of the painting. It helps to bring the thick and icy texture and feeling of snow into my painting. I used a dry brush to create the clouds with the intend to make it look light and flowy.

The use of purple and pink for the mountains give off a strong & powerful feelings, which was what I felt in my dream. The colourful sky express the beauty of the inner self revealing itself.

The snowy ground at the bottom creates directional lines that is inviting to the viewers, the same goes for the clouds above. The directional line are pointing towards the center (the mountains). I did not include myself as a figure in the painting, however the mountains act as a metaphor of me expressing and revealing the inner power I had. The foreground (bottom part) of the painting highlight the place I was standing in my dream, I added some texture lines (in blue) as a metaphor of footprints (aka I was there).