Hello, my name is…


“Looking for a formula will keep you from getting there.”

In first class activity, we were required to find “ourselves” by designing 3 name tags of different genres:

1) Typography 
2) Concept
3) Abstract Solution



  • Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s “mirror writing”, starting at the right side of the page and moving to the left.
  • YOU will see that the word “UNIQUE” positively by the reflection of the mirror.
  • It is a kind of self-reflection, YOU will find that what mistakes YOU have taken and do review through looking at the mirror.
  • The alphabet “Q” is coloured in blue, which means that I am different with others.
  • The light grey background show that simple but outstanding idea.
  • The lines of the draft I didn’t erase it on purpose because I think the process to reach an achievement is necessary and cannot be neglected.




  • By extending the first idea, the concept is about a reverse world.
  • APPLE LOGO was drawn reversely.
  • ME(Unique) = only the apple was coloured and completed.
  • The lines behind showed that I am living a complicated society.
  • I am trying to overcome the difficulties that I had met.



3) Abstract Solution

  • Similarly, it was extending the second idea as well.
  • But the more lines were added which mean that I become more and more struggle with life and also my aspiration.
  • The blank part was left purposely, the purity that I have even though I lived in a tangled and chaotic society.

Thanks for reading!