Typography Potraits_Final

Final Outcome:
final1. I am determined.


  • To show a marathon where one is consistently running, step by step, to get to the end.
  • It shows my determination where I come all the way from Malaysia to Singapore and study at ADM, just for my passion towards Art.
  • Both the X and T are relatively rigid and straight, this shows that they are the fixed points for the start and the end.
  • For X, I use the colours of the Malaysia Flag while for T, I use the colours of the Singapore Flag.
  • For the rest of the letters of my name, I use I, A, N in a manner where they are in motion. The colours of the I, A and N are used from the attire of Malaysian sportsmen. determined

2. I have poor time management.


  • The black letters on the clock are my name’s alphabets, Ngwe Xian Tian, they are all jumbled up, just like how you will imagine the digits on the clock to be all messed up.
  • This shows poor time management.
  • And if you take a closer look, you will realise the position of 11 on the clock is missing and shows that I am always do work at eleventh hours.
  • If turn the hands on the clock, you will see I and A, which forms TIAN- tian. (As the beginning the alphabet are all messsed up.)clock
  • The colours on the clock are primary colours, which are intersecting and this represents the many events in life, where they all overlap each other, making it harder for me to juggle my commitments.
  • The letters on the clock are inverted to highlight the fact that this is a negative trait.

3. I am cold on the surface but warm inside.


  • My name Tian is depicted in blue colours and glue gun is used to give off a flowing motion. This reminds us of a melting ice.
  • The reason why it is melting is because of my inner passion, which is boiling inside.
  • When you talk to me, you might find me to be very quiet and one of very little words. However, as time passes, I will warm up to you and will express more of my inner thoughts.
  • This is seen by the little red beads, which will eventually take over the blue side of me.





4.  I am afraid of loneliness.


  • This is a negative trait so the alphabets are inverted.
  • When I am alone, it is colourless.
  • When I start to meet other friends, I see colours in my life, even when I am alone.
  • Blue and yellow are complementary colours as blue is a colour that speaks of my sad feelings when I was previously alone while yellow is a brighter colour where I am now more outgoing and more happy with friends beside me.
  • By mixing these two colours, I have accepted my past and now move on to a brighter future where I know I have friends waiting there for me.
    • The letters, X, T, I and N are broken into small pieces as I take the reference from the Secret Garden colouring book, where it is believed that by colouring part by part, it helps one to destress. This shows how by colouring bit by bit, my sad feelings disappear bit by bit, just like how I feel when I have my friends.alone


Thanks for reading!