Point of view (Final)

Final Outcome:

For all the works, I chose the colour scheme of red, blue and yellow. These are the primary colours.


A tree from the point of view of  caterpillar is food.

  • The caterpillar is climbing up the apple and the apple looks like a heart shape
  • The importance of food toward a caterpillar in its life



A tree from the point of view of a bird is a shelter.

  • To make the rain and the bird look clearer, I used yellow colour instead of red in colour
  • The rain drops are purposely placed only on the umbrella, to show that the tree is a dependable shelter and this is why the bird remains fully dry in my work
  • The bird can fully rely on the tree, for this is where they live, eat and start a family at



A tree from the point of view of a monkey is a playground.

  • The tree as the structure for the carousel which is the symbol of fun
  • The monkey look like in motion, without which the monkey won’t seem happy


A tree from the point of view of an environmentalist is an ICU patient.

  • The tree is depicted as a patient heavily sick and is lying on the bed
  • Both the trees and the ICU patient require oxygen to survive and the usage of respiratory mask to help them better inhale oxygen shows how serious this situation is
  • A reflection on how the pollution of our environment is getting worse
  • if nothing is done to rescue the trees, they might slowly die just like some of the patients in ICU


A tree from the point of view of an ant is a mountain.

  • The ant specifically was placed at the end of the mountain, to better show the way to climb upwards is a difficult challenge.



A tree from the point of view of a child is an adventure.

  • A child is always curious about new things, they like to climb the trees to get a higher and a further view
  • A suspension bridge to represent a whole tree
  • There is a big hole in the middle of the bridge
  • This means that it is dangerous for a child to do so since they might fall off the tree



For this project, I am decided to challenge on myself as I am not quite used to the digital style. Although in the process, I am actually want to give up and go back to the traditional style but I felt uncomfortable like I didn’t achieve something that I promised myself at the start. My ideas for this whole project always go to the most simple one because I think that the execution of the artwork is very important.

Overall, to me, it is a quite good experiment to the digital illustration. Finally I have done it!

Point of View (Research)

This is my first time tried on digital illustration, after researching a few pieces of illustration artwork done by_ with different style, I decided to chose the style that it was easiest for me so that I can explore more and will not struggle with my DIGITAL skills.

I found that a clean and a clear style of illustration will be suitable for a start learner. Besides searching the artists online, I also borrow some books from ADM Library. I really get inspiration by a book named “ Limited Edition – Art and Design of GAMA-GO”. I take the most reference in this book.



Another artist has inspired me is 廖國成 Kuo Cheng LIAO. He was participate in an art and design exhibition-Let’s Dance! Animals. His artworks were tried to bring out the message of Disappearing White. Thus, it let me decided to choice a tree as a subject in this project. Instead of bringing out the idea of “Disappearing White”, my main focus is on “Disappearing Green”, it means that the destruction of many trees, the green colour will disappear as well.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 00.41.50


Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 00.41.17Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 00.41.28Thanks for reading!