Combating Zika Outbreak (1)

An effective poster

Stepping in this project, I went to research more on how should a poster to be more effective and also I want to conclude what I learned from the class last week. The first thing is to have the target audience so that we can focus on a single message to them. Next, use the images and graphs to tell the story. As a poster should be an eye-catcher, we should not put too much of information and it will make the audience confused. Besides, keep the sequence well-ordered and obvious.  The key things we can’t neglect are the layout, visual hierarchy and information flow which are we learned last week.

Google search “Health Communication Posters”

The posters which contain a lot of information make me don’t have the desire to click in. So we can see how the importance to control the information and images in a poster.


Research on various types of health communication posters

As I know the target audience not only for adult but also for the child, I would make the poster illustrated (?)

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I found this types of poster by using metaphor very interesting and they bring out the messages clearly.





What are the exiting health communication poster?

I chose this become my favourite because it brings out the message obviously and it caught my eyes in “three-seconds hit”. The use of metaphor, a bottle as a child, it really impressed the audience. The back and clean background makes the graph and texts more stand out. The title ” HOW MANY CIGARETTES A DAY DOES YOUR CHILD SMOKE?”, it brings the awareness to parents to stop smoking especially a pregnant woman.

05674e3c90e097a3a58ab29e975cfa20I am weak on thinking this kind of slogan but I tried smilecry

  • Say No to Zika
  • You – Zika = A Healthy Life
  • Combating Zika, Start from You
  • Keep away from Zika, for child
  • Fight with Zika, Start with prevention
  • Fight Zika, It isn’t a game
  • Join the fight against Zika
  • Don’t feed your life to Zika
  • Live with no Zika

Ideas and mood boards

1. For my ideas, I am going to explore the poster with less text and playing around the images and space. The layout is similar to the example of the posters I research above and the graphics should be by photography or illustration. I prefer the layout with just a Aedes mosquito, with a scary look like and the down colour background. Another choice is illustrating a Zika patient with the symptoms.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 13.54.31

2. Setting the target audience to mothers which is inspired by the posters below. Give them the awareness how important the mothesr should prevent the virus of Zika for their child.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 13.34.41

3. I haven’t had any for the third ideas but my mind has been surrounded  by the Zika virus poster by GOV SG. I think it is a good example that the ordered layout and also the informative texts. The colour also catch the attention of the audiences and make them have desire to see that.14231157_10154434122793686_2490761139799190076_o