Combating Zika Outbreak (2)

Among the slogans that I came out last week, I chose 1)”Fight with Zika, Start with prevention” and 2)”Don’t feed your blood to Zika” to work on.

  1. By referring these influential and weighty poster from the website, I came out with a mother is hugging her baby with the illness of microcephaly. For the normal people who fells victim to the Zika virus, the illness is often very mild. But for a pregnant woman, it will cause pregnancy loss or a baby born with an abnormally small head and brain. For this composition, it occurred conflict about the knowledge of Zika symptom, which is the symptoms won’t be show for a mother who had already given birth.untitled-1


2. A mosquito is sucking the blood. The positive and negative spaces show in this poster while the colour of the skin will cover half of the poster. The red dots show the Zika symptom – RASH. But I think there is a conflict happened which is same with the previous poster. The man already had the symptom while the mosquito was spreading the virus.



3. A mosquito which formed by numerous of skull. This idea came from a mosquito with Zika virus. At first, I wanted to use bacterium but I think that it is not scary and serious enough so I changed to skull. After the discussion, Michael mentioned that the choices of the skull is crucial and essential also. Besides, he suggested that I can integrate the image and the words to avoid they look too separately. The images below is my reference piece for this idea.

zika h