Combating Zika Outbreak (3)

After last week’s discussion, I worked on this feasible idea digitally. For the left image, a mosquito is sucking the human’s blood. It’s a simple idea with the figure and ground features which I think can bring out the theme clearly. I am not satisfied with this because the meaning of the poster is only what you can see; it doesn’t have a strong idea that really can influence others.

For the another image, I tried to invert the mosquito. The words” FIGHT” with bloody background and the mosquito is connecting to the bloodstain. The composition won’t look separately but I felt that the sense of symmetry is lost compare to the previous one (The mosquito with the other side).


I found that the concept of my previous ideas were not strong enough and they all don’t have a significant idea to depict on “how to prevent to fight against Zika”. My friend inspired me that the mosquito incense coil is a very good idea to play on and I decided to choose it. It reminds me that my mother always uses this at home when my house was attacked by mosquito. So, I changed the slogan to “Join the fight against Zika” and the idea was being described as a war with the brave soldiers. The numerous number of soldiers also represent that we all must become a soldier to join the war. I think the overall composition and hierarchy look fine in this piece. However, the visual message for the soldiers part is a bit confusing.screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-00-50-58

The colour of mosquito coil inspired me that kind of army poster. I used army green to be the main colour and take reference from Russian constructivism art to form this poster. I found that the position of the mosquito isn’t natural and it looks more like the hand is bitten by the mosquito. Perhaps I will work on the previous idea.



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