Week 4 Fusing of plastic sheet

What is plastic fusing?
Plastic fusing is creating the new effect when layered plastic bags together and heated with an iron. It basically is a technique which turning our daily necessities into art. This is a distinct technique to learn as we can easily get the plastic bag and the process of fusing the plastic bag is so satisfying! When the plastic being fused, it become more durable material and waterproof. Besides, it also can be flexible and a cinch to make.

1. Plastic sheets
2. An iron
3. Baking paper
4. Scissor

Examples of plastic fusing

Plastic fusing is quite flexible and shapeable to form anything you want. Here’s some inspirations for example, the plastic can be turn into fabric and make clothes and necklace. The idea of turning plastic bags into more substantial and durable handbags also inspired me. Lastly, using the transparency features of plastic to make lamp is also considered as a technique.
1. Gather the bags you want to fuse.
2. Layer the bags. In this stage, you can choose the way you prefer to. Whichever you can trim the handles,the bottom of the bag or cut it into small pieces. I prefer more natural way by tearing off the plastic bag to make it tattered and ragged. You can create your own pattern by overlapping the plastic. Usually I will do 2 and more layers.
3. Protect with baking paper.
4. Iron the bags. Adjust the heat gradually so that it won’t go too far.
5. Check with the outcome if you don’t satisfied with it. You still can add more parchments and increase the heat of the iron to fuse it more.
6. Lastly, you can make everything you want with the fusing plastic!

Okay, let’s start! I started with three different color of plastic bag. Besides plastic bags, I added plastic paper to create some details. It actually depends on personal preferences, someone will prefer a very neat and clean design. For me, I like to be more free and expressive.

After trying with basic method, to be more creative so I added in some threads.