Week 4 Fabric of threads

For this week, we are exploring different materials and create unconventional fabric. Here’s the examples of using water soluble fabric have been shown in class:


1. Decorative fiber, yarn or thread
2. Water soluble stabilizer
3. Sewing machine
4. Pins

1. Cut the water soluble fabric to your require size and place with the different type of threads
2. Arrange it according to personal preferences, can be regularly or messy with multiple layers
3. Secure the threads on fabric with pins
4. Set up sewing machine and choose the stitch pattern that you want (eg. zigzag)
5. Stitch the fabric with sewing machine
6. Wash in warm water (If you want to mould over a 3D object,  don’t take too long until the glue has been washed off. Leave it on the container and let it dry. Lastly, you can spray the arcylic spray to harden the shape. )

Process done in class:

Using colorful threads and make circular pattern.

Adding some special threads, elastic and yarn. Just exploring how the final piece will be if working with different type of threads.

Sew the blank water soluble fabric with normal thread without layering threads.

It is a nice texture when wool and yarn work together!

Wash off process!

Let it dry!
Final piece!

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