Week 10: Etching

Fiber etch is a liquid gel which comes ready to use for devore’. You may etch designs into fabric and paper to produce elaborate devore’ techniques on cotton, linen, or rayon fabric blends. Fiber Etch also removes fabric within embroidered or painted areas for ‘cutwork’ effects. Apply or silk screen Fiber Etch gel and allow to dry after that use the heat to activate and lastly rinse the fibers away.

Fiber etch is also formulated to work on paper and wood! It actually etches into the surface of paper and wood.

Silk Viscase Velvet
Fibre etch remover gel
Screen Print Stencil
Paintbrush to paint with remover gel
Baking paper

Examples that have been shown in class.

The fiber remover which allows us to make the etching effect.

This is the example of how etching was failed.

The gel remover works on color paper also!

Fiber etching starts!

I use the tissue paper to apply the remover onto the fabric to create irregular shape.

The magical technique made the amazing outcome that I had never expected. Love this technique so much!

It was a failed piece when I think that I didn’t iron enough and I increase the heat of the iron which burnt the fabric. Besides, I found that the area I applied the remover with tissue will have the hole after I scratched lightly. For this problem, I still haven’t solved out the reason whether is I applied too much remover to the fabric or is the iron issue.

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