Week 10: Restering and bleaching

Raster engravings
Raster engravings can be created with a high level of detail and customization with a relatively low programming cost.

A raster image is made up of many pixels, or dots that make up the design. The laser creates the design by scanning over the material and fires a laser pulse for each black dot in the image. The process works with the same concept as a printer does, meaning designs than can be printed in black and white can also be laser engraved with the same clarity and detail.

The examples that have been shown in class:


I was very lucky to meet Eugene such a coincidence in the product design workshop and he is so kind to help us through the process.

The failed piece when the outline need to be cut doesn’t align correctly to the border of the image.

Bleaching is a technique that you can get the unexpected effect which the process is quite easy to work on. The part you bleach will be lighter in color and create the amazing texture. How does the bleaching works on fabric is at first you never cover the part you want it to be in original color. After that, you need to spray the beach on the fabric and leave it dry under the sun.


The bleaching doesn’t work with wrong fabric selection. I have a successful pieces of fabric but I forgot to take a picture!





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